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He’s actually perfection. I love you.


    He’s actually perfection. I love you.

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  3. My Thoughts on ep 1

    firstly damn the writers for making it a 2 parter!!!!

    i was kinda hoping the new servant girl was going to mean merlin finally had a new friend or a possible romance from the way they were in the scene after he’d knocked the tray over but nope she had to turn out to be evil lol 

    The scenes between Merlin and Arthur in the net were just brilliant

    hoping that the side of Gwen we saw tonight when she was giving out the death sentence comes out a bit more especially if she comes up against morgana as it would be good to have some confrontation between them

    wtf was the wierd blue thing in the cave, could it possibly be what morgana is looking for as thats the only logical explanation for it

     oh and if theres going to be lots of shirtless-ness then hooray lol 

Happy 20th birthday Nick Jonas.

    Happy 20th birthday Nick Jonas.

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    Pierrefonds (13/09/2012)

    sunglasses and chain mail really shouldnt go together but somehow Bradley manages to make it work, although is there anything he couldnt make look good on him

  6. Reblog if it is alright if I come to your blog and anonymously confess something to you.

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    • plot twist: your life is a dream and you're actually a Dalek.

    although it was rather cute how Rory picked up the little ball thingys thinking thats what the dalek wanted

    how cool would it be if they were actually baby daleks lol

  8. Our boys are getting more and more dirtyminded!

    nicks laugh at this was so cute

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    side note: joe was wearing probably the ugliest shirt ever made. please fire your stylists asap babes. 

    he seems to have a lot of ugly shirts in his closet

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